The activity of the company LTD "DELIS-PROF" is the production of packaging. We manufacture the products which can be used in various spheres of economic and industrial activity.


Soft containers like big-bags quickly entered to our market and now they are increasingly displacing polypropylene bags. The name "big bag" from the English translates as "big bag".

Production and using of soft containers.

Soft container “big bag” is made from polypropylene cloth of different densities. It may have one, two or four-loop straps (the handles). Weight of such containers from 500 to 2000 kg. Today big bags are widely used as the large packaging. Big-bag sacks are popular among manufacturers of different industries. The main spheres where they are used - chemical, agricultural, construction and metals.

What are the advantages of using soft packing?

The advantages of using soft polypropylene packaging “Big-bag” are that it is one of the most economical types of containers for transportation. It can be used for different types of products. It makes optimum use of the vehicle capacity, minimize the loss of goods in transition, has a low cost and environmentally safe.

An additional advantage of soft big-ben packaging is the ability to easily adapt the design of the loading or unloading device for the client's requirements (equipment for loading / unloading).

We are glad to offer you big bags:

• Single-loop (made of polypropylene fabric sleeve, a line formed from the same cloth and its continuation);

• Two-loop (made of polypropylene fabric sleeve, two lines formed of the same cloth and its continuation);

• Four-loop (lines are separate elements and are made of a special cloth tape. They can be sewn into the corners or patches);

• Four-loop like Q-bags (save the shape of the container after bagging).

Big bags can be equipped with polyethylene liners, pockets for documents, ribbons and other items according to the request. We have the possibility of a three-color printing. A variety of big races on the density, the presence of loading and unloading devices, depends on what kind of load you plan to have.


Q-Bag – bag with internal fins (septa), through which the bag (after filling) retains its shape. Thus, Q-bags take up less space during storage and transportation, which provides 30% of savings.

The main structural elements of Q-bags.

This type of soft container has properties of increased dimensional stability under load state and also has internal partitions (compensators). Because of this, it is possible to load a large number of products in the saved space during storing and transportation.

Four-loop big bags are widely used for transportation of cargoes by sea containers, cars and gondola cars.

• The inner side has a stiffener which is made of a polypropylene fabric with specific holes. It is necessary for even distribution of products throughout the volume of the Big-Bag;

• The shell of the soft container Q-Bag is made of polypropylene UV / UV (ultraviolet) – of the stabilized tissues of different densities with the possibility of putting the lamination;

• Weight-carrying ability is from 500 kg to 2000 kg;

• Dimensions are according to the individual requirements of the client;

• Slings are separate elements and made of a special fabric tape. They can be sewn into the corners or patches;

• Drawing on the fabric is according to your own color marking;

• Production of containers with single, double-sided seal seams to prevent spillage of fine foods;

• Using a variety of options of the the loading / unloading device;

• We provide a safety factor of 5:1, 6:1;

• All products comply with ISO 9001: 2008, UkrSEPRO. The lab control is carried out of each product batch at all stages of the production cycle.


The insert in the gondola car is designed for the transportation of bulk cargoes in open rolling stock (gondola) and it is as protective packing of the goods as the wagon and the environment.

The insert is made of UV-stabilized, laminated polypropylene fabric. The material is resistant to aggressive environments (alkali, acid) and contributes not only to ensure the safety of cargo but also extends the lifespan of the car because there is no direct contact with the walls of the cargo.

Advantages of rolling insert:

• Protection of cargo from spilling;

• Protection of cargo from contact with the inner surface of the gondola;

• Protection of the inner surface of the gondola from contact with the load;

• Protection of cargo against unauthorized access during transportation;

• Cheaper transportation compared with using of bags and big-bags;

• Replacement of special-purpose wagons on the unique gondola cars;

• No cleaning wagon procedures after the transportation.


Polypropylene bags of box-type combine the advantages of 3 types of packaging: polypropylene, polyethylene and paper.


• Shape and special soldering of the valves and the top of the box-type bag without gluing adhesive. Box-shaped valve allows to load bulk product without an air gap, which excludes riprap of the production in its packing and sales;

• The logo is applied like a thin membrane liner between layers of polypropylene and lamination. Such a way preserves the brightness of the logo up to 30 years. In polypropylene bags of box-type logo can be applied not only to the front surface of the bag but also at the side joints. It is very convenient for storage of diverse products in the stocks;

• Finely perforated lamination and valve. This lamination allows the products to breathe while even fine cement will not be able spattering through the perforations. The valve allows to package products without spattering till the end and automatically closes when the bag is filled. This method allows you to save production facilities in the clean conditions and do not lose the precious production program which over the years due to improper packaging are converted into tons of unsold goods.


Polyethylene insert is designed for protection of the cargo in soft containers from precipitation, the interaction of the product with the environment, the preservation of the product which is transported. The insert is put into the Big Bag and after downloading the product is delayed, ensuring the tightness of the package. For maximum protection is used more and an external polyethylene insert, which stretches at the loaded container.

The advantage of using the insert is an opportunity to store downloaded big bags in the open stock. Each type of insert is designed and manufactured taking into account the characteristics of the soft container and transported product. Polyethylene insert in the soft container (big bags) is made of tubular polyethylene membrane line of the high pressure (LDPE).


LTD "DELICE-PROF" sells the polypropylene fabric of imported production. Polypropylene fabric is used to make bags, big bags, as the packaging and it is used in agriculture.

The material contains the UV stabilizer that prevents negative impact of the environment (ultraviolet light) onto the fabric.

The density of the fabric may range from 65g/m2 to200 g/m2. The width depends on the purpose of fabric, the standard width dimensions of the flat tubular polypropylene fabric from 700 mm to 2000 mm.

Advantages of polypropylene fabric:

• High strength;

• Easy to cut out and sew;

• Long life;

• Heat- and chemical-resistant.